I can’t believe it’s April!

Not only are we just now getting leaves on the trees (hello, a month late!), thank you 75 degree weather, but this Spring is crazy for all kinds of reasons.

We have had classes cancelled 3.5 days this semester for winter weather.  In my 9 years here, I can’t remember another winter with as many cancellations.

We’re conducting a search for a new president.  Say what you will, but there’s nothing like gigantic institutional change to bring out the best and worst in people.  So far, we’ve seen 2 promising candidates, and have one more coming next week.  The process has been interesting to watch, from student input, forums and reactions, to the award show-like revealing of the finalists, to open community forums for us to meet them all. Students have posted signs throughout campus with questions for the candidates, and the turnout at the student forums with the candidates has been amazing.

In a good crazy, this weekend is Serendipity, Guilford’s annual spring fling weekend, with concerts, food, free t-shirts, amazing laser shows, street fair, community gathering and fun.  Students LOVE this weekend–it’s a break from exams and papers, usually one of the first warm weekends of the year, and full of stuff to do.

The Greensboro Grasshoppers opening day is tonight!  Having a AA baseball team in town gives us all a good reason to get out of the “Guilford bubble” and head on downtown to mix and mingle with the rest of Greensboro.

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Spring has sprung…

Spring Break is 36 short hours away.  The clocks sprang forward last weekend as the campus picked up the debris from the ice storm which gave us Snow Day 3 for the year (unheard of!).  Monday dawned into a beautiful 70 degree day, and the students could be seen studying on the quad, biking around campus and predominantly out by the lake enjoying the sun and fellowship.

The beautiful thing about Spring is that so much is happening (it’s also the downfall–how does the time fly by so quickly??).  Leadership Seminar, the training class for Orientation Leaders and Resident Advisors wrapped this week, just in time for job offer letters to arrive in their (e)mail boxes.  Campus Activities Board is preparing for Serendipity weekend in 3 weeks. Spring Into Guilford will bring many of you new faces to campus for perhaps the first time. Alternative Spring Break programs are preparing to leave on Saturday to do service work around the country. The Guilford Undergraduate Symposium will showcase student research on April 11 and our lacrosse, baseball, softball, tennis and track teams are in full swing at games and matches.

Spring is also midterms, figuring out housing for next year, class registration, studying on the lawn, being over winter and waiting for the warm weather to arrive, stress, figuring out summer plans, applying for study abroad, and so much more.  And so we appreciate these small moments…a snow day to relax, a week off in the middle to go home or off somewhere to recharge, a warm afternoon after the big storm.  36 more hours until the break…and then just 7 short weeks until Commencement!

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6 weeks until check-in!

Have you heard about the Orientation Welcome Back Concert? If not, its one of the evening events planned for orientation. It will be on Saturday, August 24 and will feature some great and popular student artists as well as the band Con Bro Chill as headliner. So, the song above will most likely be performed.

We (the orientation team leaders) are really excited about the concert, but we’re just as excited for the whole orientation experience! We’ve been working for about 6 weeks on everything for orientation. We almost have the schedule completed, have ordered all of the orientation “swag”, reserved spaces for the events, put together some OL training materials, and so much more. Now we are starting to move into the final planning stages (putting everyone into their small groups!)

Fill out the poll bellow so we can see what you are most excited for!!!!

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Summer Orientation

We’re gearing up for Summer Orientation, which is just over a week away! To get ready, we’ve prepared some information to review before your arrival on-campus.

Parking and Directions

For directions to Guilford see the college’s website: http://www.guilford.edu/about-guilford/visit-guilford/directions/. Because of construction on campus for the installation of a new fountain, not all roads through campus are open.

  • To enter campus: Turn off of College Road onto George Fox Drive. George Fox is the second light after Friendly Avenue.
  • Parking: Enter the first lot on the right (Hendricks Lot) or the second lot on the left (Bryan Lot).


Check-In is from 8-9:30 AM in the Lobby of Frank Family Science Center. Entering campus onto George Fox Drive, Frank is the building straight ahead. It is visible from both of the parking lots that are open for Summer Orientation.

  • From the Hendricks Lot: Enter Frank from the door at the end of the building closest to Binford Hall and the Hendricks Lot. Walk all the way down the hallway to the end of the building and through the double doors into the Lobby.
  • From the Bryan Lot: Turning right out of the lot, walk back along the road following the curve just before the Bryan lot. Walk up the stairs on the left and enter the building through the Frank library. Turn left into the hallway and through the double doors into the Lobby.

Students may choose to bring their own calculators for the Quantitative Literacy test.

We hope to see you on the 28th!

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Meet your Orientation Team Leaders

The GO Team Leaders are working this summer to plan Orientation and then will be joined by the other Orientation Leaders (OL’s) in August to make the full Orientation Team!

Enmy Cabrera1

              1. Name: Enmy Cabrera
              2. Nickname: Em
              3. Year: Senior
              4. Hometown: Dominican Republic and Rhode Island
              5. Major: Business Management and Latin American Studies
              6. Interests: Sports, Travel, Music, Sleeping, FOOD!
              7. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Hispanos Unidos de Guilford (HUG), Bonner Scholar
              8. Favorite movie: A walk to remember, Armageddon, Monsters INC, Despicable Me
              9. Why I choose Guilford: The moment I arrived on campus for my visit, I felt in love with the campus and the atmosphere.  People were so nice and willing to help; it made me feel comfortable and welcome.
  1. Name: Sara BesmertnikSara Besmertnik
  2. Year: Senior
  3. Hometown: Dunwoody, GA
  4. Major: Health Science and Psychology double major with a Religious Studies minor
  5. Interests: Crafting (knitting, friendship bracelet making, etc.), music, reading, travelling
  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Guilford College Outdoors club (GCOC!), Active Minds, Guilford College Religious Observance (GCRO), and Hillel. I also play piano in one of the Jazz combos. I also volunteer with other students to tutor a family with five children from Africa.
  7. Favorite movie: The Legend of 1900
  8. Why I choose Guilford: I was looking for a small, liberal arts school in the south. Guilford has a really good Health program (that includes pre-O.T.). I also love the atmosphere (the woods and the general friendliness of students).

Grace Sullivan

              1. Name: Grace Sullivan
              2. Nickname: Faith
              3. Year: Senior (2014!!)
              4. Hometown: Ben Lomond, CA
              5. Major: Religious Studies & Mathematics with a minor in Quaker Studies
              6. Interests: Baking, the outdoors, music, traveling, people, nerdy conversations
              7. Clubs, groups, and other stuff: Quaker Leadership Scholars Program (QLSP), the Honors Program, counselor’s assistant in the Office of Admission
              8. Favorite movie: Little Miss Sunshine or Slumdog Millionaire
              9. Why I chose Guilford: I fell in love with the beauty and the friendly atmosphere on campus as soon as I visited. Ultimately, I decided I wanted to go to a Quaker school, and Guilford has Quaker programs unlike any other college in the nation.
  1. Name: Chandler ZirkleChandler Zirkle
  2. Nickname: The Chanman!
  3. Year: Junior
  4. Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
  5. Major: German & Sociology
  6. Interests: Running, Puns, Long walks on the Beach, Salsa Dancing, Twerking, and Modeling
  7. Sports: Lacrosse
  8. Favorite Movie: Anchorman and A Midsummer’s Night Dream
  9. Why I chose Guilford: I came to Guilford to infiltrate the ranks of the Quaker leaders on campus. So far I have spent two years here and they have have accepted me as their own. For now I lay in wait until the right time. However, soon I will strike….. very sooooooooonnnnnn ;)

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Get to know your 2013 orientation staff!!!

Chase Clausen

                  1. Name: Chase Clausen
                  2. Nickname: Chuck
                  3. Year: Senior- 2014
                  4. Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon
                  5. Major: English
                  6. Interests: Skateboarding, Long boarding, Snowboarding, Rollerblading, Freestyle Rapping, Playing Videogames, Writing, Reading, Playing Sports (Any Kind), and hanging out and talking philosophy and interpersonal communication
                  7. Sport: Lacrosse
                  8. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Writing Club, Worked Conference and Events for two years and now a Tour Guide
                  9. Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
                  10. Why I chose Guilford: I came to Guilford to play lacrosse with the legendary Tommy Carmean
  1. Name: Sam ColeSam Cole
  2. Nickname: Sampa
  3. Year: Junior
  4. Hometown: Earlysville, VA
  5. Major: Education and History with a Psych minor
  6. Interests: Cooking, video games, quilting, the outdoors.
  7. Sport: Lacrosse
  8. Favorite Movie: Muppet Treasure Island
  9. Why I chose Guilford: I chose Guilford because of the strong influence of Quaker beliefs, the challenging academics, and the opportunity to pursue lacrosse at the collegiate level.

De'Shauna Ottley

                  1. Name: De’Shauna Ottley
                  2. Nickname: Shauna
                  3. Year: Junior
                  4. Home town: Harlem, New York
                  5. Major: Health Science and Exercise Sports Studies.
                  6. Interests: Dancing, Singing, (even though I can’t hold a tune), Cooking and spending time with my family. I am an active member of BUS (Blacks Unifying Society)
                  7. Favorite movie: Mean Girls and Bring it On
                  8. Why I chose Guilford College: When I was searching for a school I wanted to attend a Liberal Arts college that was diverse and had small classes so that it would be easier to communicate directly with professors.
  1. Name: Vincent Lawrence Schueren III. Vince Schueren
  2. Nickname: Vince
  3. Year: Sophomore – 2016
  4. Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
  5. Majors: Mathematics/Physics
  6. Interests: Singing, acting, playing outside, climbing trees, amateur parkour.
  7. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Chamber choir, Theater Showcase, Vespers
  8. Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine
  9. Why I chose Guilford: The members of the Guilford community are so friendly, diverse, and open-minded. It makes Guilford a great place to live and learn.

Byron Hamilton

                  1. Name: Byron Hamilton
                  2. Nickname: Zebraman
                  3. Year: Junior (2015)
                  4. Home town: Acworth, GA
                  5. Major: Biology & Business Management
                  6. Interests: Sports, fitness, food, sleeping
                  7. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Tennis team, Rugby team, Campus Activities Board
                  8. Favorite Movie: Invictus
                  9. Why I chose Guilford: To be more than just a number
  1. Name: Joyce Medina AllardJoyce Medina Allard
  2. Class: Senior – 2014
  3. Home town: Tobaccoville, NC
  4. Major: Psychology & Spanish
  5. Interests: Traveling, Photography, Dancing, Soccer
  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Soy un Lider, H.U.G (Hispanos Unidos de Guilford), Bonner Scholar, International Club, The Element Team, Africana CHANGE
  7. Favorite Movie: The Fast & Furious Movies
  8. Why I chose Guilford:  Close to home, friendly people, and Multicultural Education Department

Chelsea Yarborough

                  1. Name: Chelsea Yarborough
                  2. Year: Junior
                  3. Hometown: Durham, NC
                  4. Major: Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and History
                  5. Interests: movies, baking, animals, reading, writing
                  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: SAASA (Sexual Assault Awareness Support and Advocacy), WQFS 90.9, Greenleaf Coffee Co op, SAAPS (Students Allied Against Privilege and Supremacy)
                  7. Favorite movie: Three way tie between Rosemary’s Baby, The Aristocrats and The Social Network
                  8. Why I chose Guilford: Guilford was a backup and when I got here I fell in love with it.
  1. Name: Caitlin YoungCaitlin Young
  2. Nickname: Caity
  3. Class year: Sophomore – 2016
  4. Home town: Lexington VA
  5. Major: Education, Biology
  6. Interests: soccer, sports, art
  7. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: women’s soccer, and swimming
  8. Favorite Movie: The Proposal, Sherlock Holmes
  9. Why I chose Guilford: I choose Guilford for its small feel and it’s strong community, and it’s Quaker values

Victoria Saraldi 2 

                    1. Name: Victoria Saraldi
                    2. Year: Sophomore 2016
                    3. Hometown: Cary, NC
                    4. Major: Theatre Studies and Psychology
                    5. Interests: Singing, Dance, Acting, Cooking, Reading, Creative writing
                    6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Theatre production, Student Senate
                    7. Favorite Movie: It’s a tie between Hot Rod and Across the Universe
                    8. Why I chose Guilford: The campus/people!
  1. Name: Kiera McNicholas Kiera McNicholas
  2. Year: Sophomore
  3. Hometown: grew up just outside of Philadelphia, PA
  4. Major: creating my own. Environmental studies, people studies, and storytelling
  5. Interests: farming, food, music (both listening and making), Nature, traveling, storytelling, dance,
  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Slow Food Club (President), fancy feet dance club, vespers, Cape Fear River Basin Planning Crew
  7. Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans or Once
  8. Why I chose Guilford: Diversity of student body

Britton Dunn

                  1. Name: Britton Dunn
                  2. Year: Sophomore – 2016
                  3. Hometown: Asheville, NC
                  4. Major: History/Education
                  5. Interests: Music, Movies, Motorsports, Politics
                  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Guilford College Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Combo
                  7. Favorite Movie: Bonnie and Clyde
                  8. Why I chose Guilford: How intimate the experience of simply visiting the Campus was
  1. Name: Sydney HawkinsSydney Hawkins
  2.   Nickname: Squid
  3. Year: Sophomore
  4. Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
  5. Major: Theatre- Performance Studies
  6. Interests: Music, acting, sports, writing
  7. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Swimming team, theatre, choir, sprout
  8. Favorite Movie: The Batman trilogy
  9. Why I chose Guilford: The unbeatable community and beautiful campus

Blake Brown

                  1. Name: Blake Brown
                  2. Year: Junior
                  3. Hometown: Kokomo, IN
                  4. Major: Psychology and Business Management
                  5. Interests: Sports history, travel, music
                  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Tennis Team, Community Living Project Theme House, Campus Activities Board, Serendipity Planning Committee
                  7. Favorite Movie: Anchorman
                  8. Why I chose Guilford: Laid back atmosphere, mix of city life and nature, and experience new ideas and people
  1. Name: Jocelyn GesnerJocelyn Gesner
  2. Year: Sophomore
  3. Hometown: Newark, Delaware
  4. Major: Mathematics
  5. Interests: Friends, sports, painting, reading…fun?
  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Swimming, Rugby, PEP
  7. Favorite Movie: It’s a toss up — Alice in Wonderland (the new one) Hudson Hawk and O Brother, Where Art Thou.
  8. Why I chose Guilford: At first it was because it was far away. But then when I stepped onto campus for the first time, it just felt…right.

Brandon Harris

                  1. Name: Brandon Harris-Faison
                  2. Year: Senior
                  3. Hometown: DC Area
                  4. Major: Biology – Forensics/Zoology
                  5. Interests: Swimming, reading, hiking, photography, cooking/baking
                  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Pride, Slow Food, Campus Life Asst, Biology Tutor/Bio911 helper
                  7. Favorite Movie: Alice in Wonderland
                  8. Why I chose Guilford: Small size, Forensic science based major
  1. Name: Mary HeiseyMary Heisey
  2. Year: Junior
  3. Hometown: Carlisle, PA (717, Central PA anyone?)
  4. Major: English and Sociology/Anthropology
  5. Interests: Game of Thrones, crafts, education and immigration reform
  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Bonner, WQFS, The Greenleaf Review
  7. Favorite Movie: The Fall, Dead Poets Society
  8. Why I chose Guilford: Woods, NC charm, commitment to social justice

Jonahs Jones

                  1. Name: Jonahs Jones
                  2. Year: Sophomore
                  3. Hometown: Asheville, NC
                  4. Major: English
                  5. Interests: Dance, Hiking/Camping, Reading, Writing
                  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: I work at the library and would like to start going to SAASA meetings this fall.
                  7. Favorite Movie: Easy A
                  8. Why I chose Guilford: It was the only in small, in state, liberal arts college in North Carolina that met my educational requirements.


  1. Name: Pasangi PereraPasangi Perera
  2. Year: Junior
  3. Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
  4. Major: Biology
  5. Interests: Running, animals, food, music, TV shows,
  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Cross country/track, PPS scholar, member of National honors society for life science (tribeta)
  7. Favorite Movie: Silver Linings Playbook
  8. Why I chose Guilford: I chose to come to Guilford because of the small class sizes and academics

Nina Troy

                  1. Name: Nina Troy
                  2. Year: Sophomore (Class of 2016)
                  3. Hometown: Arlington, VA
                  4. Major: Theatre and Education double major.
                  5. Interests: Art, theatre, movies, adventuring, good food, music, biking, and rock climbing.
                  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Theatre department, outdoors club
                  7. Favorite Movie: Undecided, but it’s a tie between Harry Potter, every Disney movie, and Clueless
                  8. Why I chose Guilford: I liked the small campus and close community and the fact that everyone was so welcoming and seemed genuinely happy to see me there.
  1. Name: Khristina HensleyKhristina Hensley
  2. Year: Sophomore
  3. Hometown: Kannapolis, NC
  4. Major: Forensic Biology
  5. Interests: Biology, Languages, Sports, Reading, Music
  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Bonner Scholar, Expressions, Asian Culture Club
  7. Favorite Movie: O Brother
  8. Why I chose Guilford: Guilford felt homey, it has my major, and there are so many things to get involved with


 Josh Weil 2

                  1. Name: Josh Weil
                  2. Year: Junior
                  3. Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
                  4. Major: Criminal Justice
                  5. Interests: Emergency Medical Service, politics, tennis, event planning
                  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Guilford College Democrats, Hillel
                  7. Favorite Movie: Ladder 49
                  8. Why I chose Guilford: I chose Guilford because of the small size and inviting campus that I felt once I stepped out onto the quad.


  1.  Name: Karlen LamberKarlen Lambert 2
  2. Year: Sophomore
  3. Hometown: Richfield, NC
  4. Major: English
  5. Interests: Photography, reading, music (listening/playing), volleyball, Harry Potter
  6. Clubs, groups, or other stuff: Bonner Scholar, Honors Program, Peer Educator, intramural volleyball
  7. Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge (and all Harry Potter movies)
  8. Why I chose Guilford: The Bonner program and the community


Kelsey McClellan

                  1. Name: Kelsey McClellan
                  2. Year: 2015
                  3. Hometown: Baltimore, MD
                  4. Major: Peace & Conflict Studies
                  5. Interests: Crafting and spending time with friends
                  6. Favorite Movie: White Chicks
                  7. Why I chose Guilford: I love the small community. I felt like I was at home the second I stepped on campus. The faculty members are great and understanding, and I have never met so many people with whom I felt so comfortable and open to be myself.

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We’re off to a great start!

Hey incoming first-years, transfers, parents, Guilford community, or whoever you are!

I’m Sara, one of the four team leaders who will be working this summer to plan the exciting summer and fall orientations! We are all so enthused to be here and our first week has been pretty good! We’ve started ordering some of the fun goodies that freshmen will receive during their fall orientation and have started planning some of the events. With summer Orientation only one month away (Friday, June 28; save the date!), we have a lot of work to do. 

During the summer, we will update this blog with information about the team leaders and orientation leaders as well as whats going on in the behind-the-scenes planning. So you should keep checking back to know whats going on and who’s running the events when you get here!

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