Some of the Orientation Leaders’ Favorite Spaces & Memories in the Hege Library!


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Byron: My favorite place in the Library is sitting in the Second Floor and watching the sunset while studying for finals!







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Anna: My favorite memory of the library was during my first semester of freshman year and I was in Rod Spellman’s HP class. I was struggling finding material for a research paper and met with him after class for help. I expected to talk with him for 5-10 minutes and get some advice, but he actually walked over to the library with me and spent 45 minutes going through the stacks with me until I felt comfortable moving on with my project on my own.

I use the online library more than I use the actual physical library–the resources there are super helpful. Also I use the library to meet for group projects a lot.





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Julia: Fave spot in the in the lib is the second floor cubicles on the left side, right beside the window. The perfect serene spot for writing papers. Also the learning commons open office hours during finals are life savers. They can look over my final papers one last time before I turn them in!



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Yashua: One of my favorite spaces in the library is the open creative suite area where most of the bean bags are and the tall chairs and tables. This is my favorite because it allows me to see my surroundings while I am working. I work better in a space that is open rather than trapped in and closed. An open environment is best for me. I feel like it allows my brain/thoughts to branch out and focus better.




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Emma: My favorite spot in the library is the learning center area upstairs, because at night it is often empty so I can go with a study group… I can also write on the white board tables which is helpful for outlining papers.





Taryn: My favorite spot in the library is the Hub. I can work there either with other people or if it’s not a busy day, alone and get a ton of work done. There aren’t any distractions, the seats are comfortable and there are plenty of outlets and near perfect wifi. Also the Hub is closed off and your back is to the main area so people moving around can’t distract you either.

Displaying IMG_4914.JPGDe’Shauna: Although I enjoy various places in the library I would have to say my favorite spot to study and just hang out in the library is definitely the hubs. It is a secluded area where I feel as though I can be as loud and as quiet as I would like (making sure I respect others of course) in this area. It is a perfect area for groups to work on projects together and stay focused without other distractions; the library can bring if heavily populated. I really like the fact that you can hook your laptop up to the T.V.’s provided in the spaces. And if you are lucky and don’t have a heavy work load you can enjoy a nice movie!






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Jamie: My favorite experience in the Library was during finals. That’s when I knew that the library actually helps me get work done






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Clare: I love sitting anywhere by a window, and my favorite memories are from studying and hanging out with friends in the Greenleaf space at the end of the year. Having a quiet place designated for studying has helped me when I really needed to focus on schoolwork.







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Sarah: My favorite memory in the library is study hall with my team. The quiet study spaces allowed me to get the work I needed to finish done with my teammates as a support system!




And there you have it! The library is a great place to study, get homework done, and spend time with friends while grabbing a cup of coffee from the Greenleaf, our lovely coffee co-op. Although it can take some time, eventually everyone finds their favorite spot in the library. Are you excited to find yours?

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Happy Monday

Since it’s Monday and I like to post gifs, here’s a list of 10 things to expect from your orientation experience.

1. We’re excited to meet you, you’re exciting. Get excited to see all of us OL’s and RA’s like:


2. You’re probably going to get lost your first day or so here. Someone is bound to help you while you’re sitting in the quad like this:

3. You’re going to have to participate in Ice Breakers and us OL’s will be all

and at first you’ll be like

Internet Cat Video Festival animated GIF

but then you’ll end up like

Yes Bill Hader animated GIF

4. You’ll meet your room mate, which might go a little like this:

disney animated GIF

or maybe more like this:

sad animated GIF

5. You’ll end up meeting some really cool people and becoming fast friends

6. Waking up early is going to feel a little like this

7. And meeting your professors for the first time may be a tad bit intimidating

Until you realize how friendly and cool everyone is

8. You’ll roll up to the Hall Olympics with your hall-mates like

9. You might have some emotional ups and downs

10. And you’ll end up having the time of your life while you settle in here at Guilford!

happy animated GIF

Can’t wait to see you all soon. Keep posting to the FaceBook page and let us know what you want to see this Orientation! Don’t forget to put on sunscreen and stay hydrated folks.

Best wishes and Quaker Hands!


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Getting Involved

In college it is important that you feel a part of the campus and community. As a freshman it is common to feel as though you are small and you don’t really have a place in the community. When I was a freshman I contemplated leaving plenty of times because I was so bored with this campus. I had a lot of friends here (that I met during orientation) but I somehow still felt alone. It was not until I met and formed a relationship with two awesome faculty members (Tammy Alt & Steve Moran) that I was convinced Guilford was the place for me. The two of them encouraged me to do something that I, in return encourage each and every college student I meet to also do: GET INVOLVED !
Getting involved is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences of college. Getting involved can take many forms: Planning and attending campus events, joining student organizations and attending trainings.The benefits for getting involved can be but are not limited to, ending unnecessary boredom, making new friends, making a difference in the community, exploring new concepts, gaining or improving professional and leadership skills, networking, reducing stress and most importantly having fun. Looking back, I’ve met most of my lifelong friends by attending on-campus events and joining student organizations.

Guilford has around 50 different student organizations that you can join which is a lot for a small campus. A major plus is you can be a member of all 50 organizations. But I’d suggest you join maybe 3 or 4 different clubs that spark your interest so that you can potentially be the best member a part of that particular organization! Also not being a member of specific clubs does not mean you can’t attend their events. I personally try to attend events put on by all groups that interest me in order to gain all different kinds of perspectives. All of our student organizations on campus offers students a unique experience and can be seen as a gateway to exploring your passion or literally just a chance to mingle and have fun with other students who may or may not share your interests.

Want to know how to get involved on campus? Make sure to attend the involvement fair Wednesday September 9th, held every year on the front lawn right outside of Founders Hall. I want to see you ALL there !

Signing Off, Your Favorite Orientation Team Leader, De’Shauna

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Freshman Orientation: Getting Ready for the Plunge

Everyone going into their first year orientation for college has a different experience. For me, going in, I was still heartbroken for being wait listed at my dream school, and I knew 100 percent that I would be transferring either by the spring or following fall semester. Clearly I was wrong. For other people orientation is the anxiously awaited welcome to their home for the next four years. It took me all of the fall semester to realize how perfect Guilford is for me, and that this is a place that will always be a home in my heart. Here is a short, hopefully entertaining, possibly informative, list of what I wish I had kept in mind during my first year orientation.

1) Icebreakers Aren’t a Torture Device:
Even if they are the bane of your existence, and just the awkward ridiculousness of them makes you cringe, icebreakers are typically a big part of orientation. On the plus side, since this is a time to play games while also meeting new people, icebreakers are the easiest way to accomplish both these goals. I spent most of the icebreakers during my orientation rolling my eyes and bringing a lot of negative energy into the small group I was in. If I could redo things, I would have swallowed my (over-sized) pride and jumped into it in order to have as much fun as possible. Maybe icebreakers will always be cheesy and embarrassing, but there’s no harm in making the most of it.

2) Non-mandatory Events Can be Surprisingly Fun:
Orientation is full of information. So many new people, new rules, new housing things to get used to (like not locking yourself out of your room—I might have done this more than once—) , and sometimes it’s so exhausting that the events that aren’t required seem silly to go to. But the thing is, these events are non-structured time to hangout, meet people outside of your hall, and potentially cool off in the intense summer heat (we will potentially have water games!). So even when all you want to do is lay in your bed at text about your overzealous orientation leader, this is a great time to leap into fun.

3) The Weirdest Thing Is, You Just Might Miss It:
This is my third year doing orientation. Every time I see students and families hauling stuff into the first year dorms I feel a huge pang of nostalgia. Nothing compares to the simultaneous anxiety and excitement that accompanies the first day of college. It’s scary and intimidating, but it’s also amazing because you’re at the beginning of four years of learning, friendship, adventures, and (I know this repeated ad nauseam, but it’s true) self-discovery. So enjoy the four days of no classes (except for the introductory FYS class), no homework, and the getting to know one of the most beautiful college campuses in North Carolina (at least, in my opinion it’s the most beautiful). Bask in the newness and excitement.


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Checking things off…

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Hello Guilfordians! In case anyone was wondering, it’s only week 1 of our summer planning and the entire team has been fanatically working on all sorts of projects and preparations for your 2015 Fall Orientation. We seem to be the authority on list-making over in campus life, and I love seeing all the things we’ve already managed to cross off! Summer Orientation is coming up soon and we’re all so hyped to meet you guys. We’re all fascinated to hear about your summer plans, future goals, and the stories you guys have to tell. Post about them here or on our FaceBook page!

(And as always, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter as well)

Best wishes and Quaker hands


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Summer 2015 has begun!

Welcome back to another summer of blog updates from yours truly. The orientation team leaders have assembled for the first time this year, and boy do we have plans for you. This years team is Gerardo Cruz-Garza, Jonahs Jones, Deshauna Ottley, and myself! We’ve been brainstorming some awesome theme ideas (did somebody say superheroes?) and getting some ideas for orientation activities for the incoming class. Summer always proves to be a blast, and we’re lucky enough to be working with a team of incredible supervisors to make this orientation the best one we’ve had yet. (shouts out to Emily Lott and Steve Moran who brought us cupcakes this morning at our meeting by the way, y’all are my heros)

Anyways, here’s to the class of 2019 (oh my god, I’m so old) and to all the adventures you all will be having this summer and this coming year. Talk to us about all your adventures over on the Class of 2019 Facebook page, the Guilford College Orientation page, or follow us on Twitter! Hope to hear from all you new Quakers over the course of the summer!

As always, best wishes and Quaker hands.


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Last Monday of the Summer term!

We’re bustling here in Campus Life on yet another busy Monday. Everyone’s getting last minute loose-ends squared away and we’re finalizing all of our scheduling, it really is crunch time around the office and we’re so excited to see this Fall’s Orientation come together! Hope y’all are ready to get your game on cause we sure are. I honestly couldn’t tell you what part of the whole shebang I’m most excited about. I wanna hear it from you folks, what’re you looking forward to this Orientation? Better yet, what are you looking forward to this year? If you’ve got questions, comments, concerns, funny stories, happy stories, a  grocery list, a  treasure map, share it here cause I’m interested.

Best wishes and Quaker hands,


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