Summer 2015 has begun!

Welcome back to another summer of blog updates from yours truly. The orientation team leaders have assembled for the first time this year, and boy do we have plans for you. This years team is Gerardo Cruz-Garza, Jonahs Jones, Deshauna Ottley, and myself! We’ve been brainstorming some awesome theme ideas (did somebody say superheroes?) and getting some ideas for orientation activities for the incoming class. Summer always proves to be a blast, and we’re lucky enough to be working with a team of incredible supervisors to make this orientation the best one we’ve had yet. (shouts out to Emily Lott and Steve Moran who brought us cupcakes this morning at our meeting by the way, y’all are my heros)

Anyways, here’s to the class of 2019 (oh my god, I’m so old) and to all the adventures you all will be having this summer and this coming year. Talk to us about all your adventures over on the Class of 2019 Facebook page, the Guilford College Orientation page, or follow us on Twitter! Hope to hear from all you new Quakers over the course of the summer!

As always, best wishes and Quaker hands.


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Last Monday of the Summer term!

We’re bustling here in Campus Life on yet another busy Monday. Everyone’s getting last minute loose-ends squared away and we’re finalizing all of our scheduling, it really is crunch time around the office and we’re so excited to see this Fall’s Orientation come together! Hope y’all are ready to get your game on cause we sure are. I honestly couldn’t tell you what part of the whole shebang I’m most excited about. I wanna hear it from you folks, what’re you looking forward to this Orientation? Better yet, what are you looking forward to this year? If you’ve got questions, comments, concerns, funny stories, happy stories, a  grocery list, a  treasure map, share it here cause I’m interested.

Best wishes and Quaker hands,


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Orientation Leader Bios!!

Curious about this years Orientation team? Have a look at our new and returning OL bios!

Name: Laura Adair
Nickname: none
Year: rising sophmore
Hometown: San Luis Obispo
Major: Biology and Art
Interests: ceramics, ultimate Frisbee
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: QLSP biohazard ultimate Frisbee, track and field
Favorite movie: the princess bride
Why I chose Guilford: because of the community and QLSP

Name:Eva Cosgrove
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Seattle
Major: Interdisciplinary, Sustainability in agriculture,
development, and the environment. Minor: Non-Profit Management
Interests: Hiking/Outdoors, travel
Clubs, groups, and other stuff*: outdoors club VP, Greenleaf,
community scholars, cupcakes for a cause,
Favorite movie: Princess bride
Why I chose Guilford: small liberal arts school.

Name: Gerardo Antonio Cruz Garza

Nickname: NA

Year: 2nd Year

Hometown: Durham NC

Major: French, Spanish, Premed

Interests: Tennis, running, biking, autism research, languages, college access

Clubs: Hispanos Unidos De Guilford, Project Community, Soy Un Lider

Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club

Why I chose Guilford: I love the atmosphere! I felt comfortable living here for four years, but felt the academic challenge at the same time. It was a great balance of both worlds.

Name: Victoria Decrescenzo
Year: second year
Hometown: stamford ct
Major: criminal justice

Clubs, groups, and other stuff:

Favorite movie: freedom writers
Why I chose Guilford: small classes, values, campus was beautiful, environment.

Name: Jocelyn Gesner
Year: Junior
Hometown: Newark, Delaware
Major: Math
Interests: …everything? Haha
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: PEP, lacrosse, swimming
Favorite movie: Alice in Wonderland
Why I chose Guilford: Long, cheesy story short, I walked onto campus and it just…clicked.

Name: Byron Hamilton
Nickname: B-ron
Year: Senior
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Major: Business Management and Biology
Interests: Sports, books, being outside, environmental sustainability (aka saving the planet)
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: Campus Activities Board, Rugby
Favorite movie: Invictus
Why I chose Guilford: To be more than a number and have my professors actually know who I am

Name: Seren Homer
Nickname: Seren
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Blacksburg, VA
Major: Environmental Studies, Biology
Interests: Running, the Outdoors, Music
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: Guilford Farm, Sustainability Committee, College Democrats, Outdoors Club, Pride
Favorite movie: Bridesmaids
Why I chose Guilford: Warm, welcoming atmosphere, friendly community, beautiful campus

Name: Ajiah Jones
Nickname: Ajiah
Year: Junior
Hometown: New York
Major: Sociology & Anthropology
Interests: Music, dance, eating, reading, geography, cultures
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: Blacks Unifying Society, Expressions in Dance
Favorite movie: Up, John Q
Why I chose Guilford: Southern hospitality

Name: Jonahs
Nickname: Jonastayy
Year: Junior
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Major: English
Interests: Dance, Creative Writing,
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: Guilford Writing Group, Expressions in Dance Club, co-managing editor of the Greanleaf Review
Favorite movie:The Wedding Singer
Why I chose Guilford: .At first I didn’t really want to go to Guilford it was just a back up, but by the end of my first semester I had fallen in love with the students and faculty and knew that this was the only school for me.

Name: Kelsey McClellan
Nickname: Kelsey
Year: Senior
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Major: Peace & Conflict Studies
Interests: Traveling, Crafting, Experiencing new cultures
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: Conflict Resolution Resource Center (CRRC), Hispanos Unidos de Guilford (HUG)
Favorite movie: White Chicks and 21 Jump Street
Why I chose Guilford: I felt at home immediately. The people were friendly, compassionate, and genuine. Plus, the campus is beautiful!

Name: Rosario Mijangos-Lucero

Nickname: Rosie

Year: 2017

Hometown: Grew up in Greensboro NC born in Oaxaca Mexico​

Major: Business Administration and Accounting

Interests: Volunteering, shopping, dancing, nature watching

Clubs: Soy un Lider Conference, Hispanics United @ Guilford, CAB, Quaker Business Institute

Favorite Movie: Instructions Not Included

Why I chose Guilford: I came to jump into Guilford and the schools overall personality appealed to me. I loved the criteria for the Business Dept. and my family loved this school.

Name: Emma Moreno
Nickname: Em
Year: 2nd year
Hometown: Glenside PA
Major: Theater Studies
Interests: theater, music, the New York football Giants, photography, flowers, farming, summer camp, hiking, adventures
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: QLSP, photography club
Favorite movie: the breakfast club
Why I chose Guilford: I love the community Guilford creates, the way people pass each other and smile and say hello. The final decision was walking across campus and seeing Max Carter on his bike, students relaxing in the sun, and dogs all gathered to de stress the student body during finals, Guilford is my happy space.

Name: Devon Murphy- Anderson
Nickname: Devon
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Brunswick, ME
Major: International Relations, Economics
Interests: Politics, Country Music, Beachin’, watching Documentaries, eating food and being outside!
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: College Democrats, Pride, Outdoors Club, Ultimate Frisbee, SAASA
Favorite movie: Forrest Gump
Why I chose Guilford: the people, the atmosphere and the location

Name: Colin Nollet
Nickname: I don’t have any
Year: Sophomore (Class of ’17)
Hometown: Epping NH
Major: Art
Interests: German, Drawing, Running, Mac and Cheese, and collecting bookmarks
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: PRIDE and SAASA (Sexual Assault Awareness Support and Advocacy)
Favorite movie: Legally Blonde or Dead Poet’s Society
Why I chose Guilford: The community


Name : De’Shauna Ottley
Nickname: Shauna
Year : Senior Class of 2015 Whoop Whoop !!!
Hometown : Harlem, NYC
Major : Exercise Sports Science ; Psychology minor
Interests: Volunteering, Dancing, eating, Channing Tatum, and chilling with my Guilford peeps !
Clubs etc: Blacks Unifying Society, Africana CHANGE, Senegal Global Exchange Program 2014 Peer Educator
Favorite Movie: She’s the man or John Tucker Must Die.
Why I chose Guilford : Small friendly and welcoming environment.

Name: Pasangi Perera
Nickname: N/A
Year: Senior
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Major: Biology
Interests: food, running, puppies, most music/ television shows
Clubs, groups and other stuff: cross country/ track &field,  F.R.A.M.E, tri-beta,
Favorite Movie: Mystery Team
Why I chose Guilford: I appericiate the small class size, good academics and the overall atmosphere of the campus.

Name: Nora Prokosh

Nickname: (no nickname)

Year: Upcoming sophomore

Hometown: Floyd

Major: Peace and Conflict Studies

Interests: Tennis, volleyball, reading, being outdoors

Clubs, etc: Project Community (volunteer/comm. service organization), tennis team

Favorite Movie: The Little Mermaid

Why I chose Guilford: Close to home, small, could play tennis

Name: Vince
Nickname: Vince
Year: 2016
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Major: music/mathematics
Interests: singing, parkour, tennis
Clubs, groups, and other stuff: Friend Sings My Mind, Pines.
Favorite movie: Little Miss Sunshine
Why I chose Guilford: I like the people here. It’s a place of openness, not one of judgement or competition.

Name: Veronica Zambrano Coffie

Year: Sophomore class of 2017

Hometown: Willemstad, Curaçao

Major: Psychology Minor: Visual Arts & Communication

Interests: Art, Music, Hiking, Rugby, Dancing, Cooking, Soccer, Traveling, Musicals.

Bonner Scholar

Clubs & Organizations :Cupcakes For A Cause Project coordinator, Guilford Women Rugby, Outdoors Club.

Favorite movie: Moulin Rouge

Why I chose Guilford ? Because Guilford is so beautifully random and down to earth.

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Good Morning Greensboro

And a pleasant Monday to all of you! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and is ready to get into the swing of things this week. Since July is quickly winding to an end, things in Campus Life are really coming together and we can’t wait to see how it all works in August! Everyone is so excited to meet the incoming class, and in exactly a month you all will be moving in and getting accustomed to Guilford life! If there’s one thing to look forward to (aside from our awesome Orientation and events) it’d have to be spending time down by the Guilford lake here early in the fall. Also watch out for our Office of Student Leadership and Engagement events that will be popping up in the Guilford Buzz and advertised all over campus! (We <3 OSLE)

If you want to give us some feedback or just tell us about your day, follow us on Twitter at @GoGCOrinent or add us on Facebook at Guilford Orientation.

Hope everyone’s week goes swimmingly! Here’s your promised video of the week:

Game On! Featuring Chandler

Best Wishes and Quaker hands,


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Pressure’s on…

We’re closing in on our last couple of weeks here at Guilford for the summer and the pressure is on here in Campus Life! We’re almost done planning everything for Fall Orientation and it’s coming together swimmingly. Events are planned, musicians are booked, schedules are made, and things are falling into place! Even though it’s been hectic we’ve been able to at least find time for the finer things here at Guilford (Did someone say $1 pizza balls at Homeslice? I think they did) and this groggy, humid week is opening up into a gorgeous weekend. Here’s to finishing projects and spending time by the Guilford Lake!

Hope everyone is having a great summer, can’t wait to see y’all here in a few weeks!

Best wishes and Quaker hands,


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Fall Orientation is fast approaching

And the Team Leaders are officially kicking it into high gear! From ordering swag for the incoming class to organizing training for this years new and returning OL’s, we’ve been slammed with work and getting finishing touches ready! We’re working to finish getting a few of our Guilford musicians scheduled to perform for fall orientation, (which is going to be awesome, we’ve got some phenomenal people lined up for you guys) and we’re checking out ways to make our social events even more awesome than they were last year (which is a tall order, but we’re gonna do it. We promise.)

In case the Monday’s have got you down, here’s a little something from us Team Leaders (and our awesome videographer Zachary Kronisch) to brighten your day. Trust me, it will.

Best wishes and Quaker hands,


GAME ON! Featuring Blake.

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Hoping everyone had a happy Fourth of July weekend!

Now that our break is over, it’s time to get back to planning for fall orientation! We’ve been having almost too much fun getting schedules together and planning training for this years group of Orientation Leaders, but somewhere in our hard work we found a little time to make a few videos showcasing the Orientation Team Leaders and all of the antics that happen here in Campus Life. Keep an eye open for more to come!

GAME ON! Featuring Sam

Quaker hands and best wishes,


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